Zoe Crosher (in collaboration with Leslie Grant), The Cindy Shermanesque (but She's the Real Thing) from the Reconsidered Archive of Michelle du Bois, 2005
  Exhibition Dates:
March 5 - 10, 2007
Gallery Hours:
10 am - 10 pm
Thursday, March 8, 2007
8 - 11 pm
Main, L-Shape, D-300 & D-301 Galleries

California Institute of the Arts
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355
[Directions to CalArts]

Free and open to the public.
Free parking is available

The exhibition will feature artworks that explore, expand and evaluate Feminist thought. CalArts students, faculty, and alumni in dialogue with feminist discourse, will be showcased in a gallery installation as well as two weeks of performances, readings, film screenings, and workshops.

Exhibition curated by Elana Mann, Theresa Masangkay, and Vincent Ramos

Participating Artists:
Danielle Adair
Saul Alvarez
Ian Arenas
Jennifer Bruce
Camlab (Anna Mayer & Jemima   Wyman)
Angie Cardone
Anneliese Charek
Akina Cox with Cynthia Toffey,
  Nancy Genn & Kara Toffey

Greg Curtis and Al Schulte
Bianca D’Amico
Mariechen Danz
Zackary Drucker
Emily Eklund
Diana-Sofia Estrada
Lindsay Foster
Anna Jones, Madison Metro,
   Jade Thacker & Niko Solorio

Kiki Johnson
Meekyung Lee
Eileen Levinson
Laida Lertxundi & Lucas Quigley
Anna Mayer
Alex Olson
Nate Page
Marcus Pontello
Cynthia Simonian
Niko Solorio
Clarissa Tossin
Miller Updegraff
Kaari Upson & Miller Updegraff
Jemima Wyman
Rosha Yaghmai
Chie Yamayoshi
Karen Atkinson
Lynda Benglis*
Kaucyila Brooke
Nancy Buchanan
Jo Ann Callis
Anoka Faruqee
Judy Fiskin
Connie Hatch
Martin Kersels
Darcy Huebler
Francesca N. Penzani
Shirley Tse
Matias Viegener
Christine Wertheim
Millie Wilson
* former faculty

Judie Bamber
Sherry Brody
Zoe Crosher
Gilda Davidian
Amelia de Neergaard
Chris Diaz & Vivian Babuts
Dana Duff
Ida Foreman
Trulee Grace Hall
Mara Lonner
Robin Mitchell
Julie Orser
Laura Owens
Shizu Saldamando
Rena Small
Genn Toffey
Anne Walsh
Dee Williams
Michiko Yao
Teri Yarbrow
Nancy Youdelman
Bari Ziperstein