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Schedules: Feb 27 | Mar 1 | Mar 2 | Mar 8

Marsian de Lellis, Growing Up Linda

Danielle Adair
Vivian Babuts
Jennifer Bruce
Theresa Chavez
Marsian DeLellis
Frederique de Montblanc
Janne Larsen
Lella Ghaznavi
Virginia Grise
Ayana Hampton
Lars Jan
Janne Larsen
Alana Libertad
Lisa Louttit
Anna Oxygen
Yaniro Paramo
Jane Pickett
Rose Portillo
Katie Shook
Jovanna Rebecca Tosello
Ebony Ruffin
Janice Tanaka

Tuesday February 27 | 9pm - 12am | Coffeehouse Theater

Performances by: Esme Allen, Deborah Asiimwe, Jennifer Bruce
Ayana Hampton, Lisa Louttit, Christine Marie, Anna Oxygen

Free Public Services
Created and led by Jennifer Bruce
Everyday services are provided as a means to examine social structures. Removing the commodity aspect of a service can create a space of cooperation, trust and intimacy.

The Horror of the Female Anatomy
Created and performed by Sibyl O’Malley
A picture performance takes us on a trip to the dark place.

The Great White Way
Written by Sigrid Gilmer, Directed by Heidi Carlson, Performed by Chris Payne, Michael Cassady, Mimi Moss and Diavanna Zarzuela
Family, Marketing, Race and TV. American diversions. American myths. The
Great White Way explores the funny dark places where they meet.

An Aerobics Workout 
Created and led by Anna Oxygen
An interactive aerobics workout.

Disco Was Here
Created by Ayana Hampton, Music by Brian Barrale, Ayana Hampton and Mark Mendelson, Performed by Ayana Hampton and special guests
Disco Was Here presents a trenchant view of hair, hymens, homelessness, hangovers and the morning after, through cabaret.

The Whole Arrangement
Conceived by Lisa Louttit, With direction by Laramie Dennis, Mira Kingsley and Lars Jan, Performed by Esme Allen and Lisa Louttit, Piano and guitar by Josh Charney.
Q: Why don’t you stop acting like a guerilla and start acting like a man? A: You wouldn’t know an artist if it came up and bit you.

Thursday March 1 | 12pm - 1pm | Main Gallery

Performance by: Jennifer Bruce

Thursday March 1 | 9pm - 12am | Coffehouse Theater

Performances by: Vivian Babuts, Theresa Chavez, Marsian DeLellis, Lella Ghaznavi, Yaniro Paramo, Jane Pickett, Rose Portillo, Katie Shook

Hosted by Deborah Asiimwe and Z-Genderful

Calentando Tortillas
Created and lead by Yaniro Paramo
The act of warming tortillas will be translated from the everyday act into an art piece and perhaps back again.

The Doorkeeper 
Created by Jane Pickett and Katie Shook, Performed by Kate Mallor and Nicole Emmons, Sound by Nathan Ruyle
Inspired by Franz Kafka’s short story, Before the Law, The Doorkeeper is the story of a woman standing on the outside looking in.

From Cha-Cha to Panza
Created and performed by Virginia Grise
"Before you can get to the cho-cho, you have to talk about the panza."  The Panza Monologues is an original performance piece based on women's stories  about their panzas (tu sabes, the roll of belly we all try to hide). Conceived from conversations and chisme with girlfriends and compiled from interviews and replies gathered from Chicanas of all ages, places, and spaces, the stories create a quilt of poignancy, humor, and revelation.

Written and performed by Vivian Babuts
Using Romanian language & song as well as movement from various sources, Speechless explores how to operate beyond the roles of a gender imbalanced society with speechlessness as a place of power.

4th Door
Conceived and Directed by Christine Marie, Performed by Jesse Ayala, Jessica Hemingway, Kaitlin Lainoff and Steven Wendt
An excerpt from "Enantiodromia:4 doors," which depicts a women searching for
balance amongst oppositional forces.

Growing up Linda: The Life & Times of Linda Carvel, Heir to the Throne of the Carvel Cake Empire
Created and directed by Marsian DeLellis, Co-directed by Lella Ghaznavi, Performed by Marsian DeLellis, Joel Egger and Jackie Kay Knox, Costumes by Kate Eloise Mallor
A combination of puppets, projected drawings, storytelling & performing objects, Growing up Linda, is a look at the fictitious title character, Linda Carvel, as the daughter of a famous ice cream cake mogul.

Friday March 2 | 9-11pm | Coffeehouse Theater

Film/Video by: Christine Diaz, Janne Larsen, Frederique de Montblanc, Ebony Ruffin, Susan Simpson, Janice Tanaka, Jovanna Tusello

The Immaculate Heart
Created by Jovanna Rebecca Tosello
The Immaculate Heart is an animated film that explores the consequences of socialization and its promotion of gender roles that occur through the encouragement and discouragement of behaviors based on biological sexuality.

Boll Weevil Days
By Susan Simpson
Set against the background of real and imagined Southern California disasters, two figures take turns rescuing and doctoring one another with extreme care and tenderness. A fragile paper city and yellowing pictures of rescue workers from the 1930s creates an elliptical portrayal of intimacy in the face of oblivion.

Ainsi fon fon fon les petites demoiselles...
Written and directed by Janne Larsen and Frederique de Montblanc. Videography by Alix de Montblanc. Sound design by Yven Cheuk Wa.
This is a work in progress is an exploration of sexuality, a consideration of the performance of femininity and a celebration of fusional friendship. An informal Q & A with the artists will follow.

Swimming In Air
Created by Janice Tanaka
Swimming In Air is a quietly humorous, hopefully insightful reflection on the process of aging. A buoyant journey through time this part documentary, part narrative, part abstract imagery is a series of pivotal moments in women’s lives interrupted by concussive images of wonder and hope.

La Belle
Choreographed and performed by Ebony Ruffin. Music composition by Matthew Derensbourg, Original lighting design by Shannon Rodriguez, Original scenic design by Mike Zimmerman, Original costume design by Akosua Adoma Owusu.
A film version of the choreographed work, La Belle is inspired by the life of Sara Baartman, also known as The Hottentot Venus, who was called a “scientific curiosity” because of her unusual shape.

Thursday March 8 | 12:30 pm - 1pm | Main Gallery

Performance by: Danielle Adair

The Movement
Created and led by Danielle Adair
The Movement is a manifesto and interactive dance composition based on positions the body typically assumes when viewing art.

Thursday March 8 | 8pm - 12am | Main Gallery

Performances by: Danielle Adair, Jennifer Bruce, Vivian Babuts, Theresa Chavez, Virginia Grise, Yaniro Paramo, Rose Portillo, Anna Oxygen

Free Public Services
By Jennifer Bruce

Calentando Tortillas
By Yaniro Paramo

The Movement
Created and led by Danielle Adair

Written and performed by Vivian Babuts

Readings from About Productions
Written and Performed by Theresa Chavez and Rose Portillo
From women uncovering buried histories to women making history, About
Productions has created a unique range of voices for their interdisciplinary theaterworks. Artistic Director and CalArts faculty member Theresa Chavez, and Associate Director and actress/writer Rose Portillo will read from various original theaterworks they have created collaboratively and performed nationally.

From Cha-Cha to Panza
Performed by Virginia Grise

Created and Led by Anna Oxygen

Disco Was Here
Created by Ayana Hampton, Music By Brian Barrale, Ayana Hampton and Mark Mendelson, Performed by Ayana Hampton  and the Lustrous Blackup Dancers (Arsene DeLay, Leilani Drakeford, Chris-Gerard Heyward, Ayana Hampton and Breshae Webb)

Curated and Produced by: Loren Fenton, Sibyl O’Malley & Bethany Umbach

Lighting Design: Jake Mitchell

Systems Design: Rebecca Kessin

Graphic Design: Eileen Levinson

Special Thanks: Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions Committee, Artists and Volunteers, Leslie Tamarabuchi, Erik Ehn, Vince Tula, Maria DeLuca and the Coffeehouse Committee

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