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Rena Small

to my colleagues and friends in the arts! SNEAK PREVIEW
You are invited to Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions

WARNING: PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED: regarding the one picture (and DVD) of the costume without the chastity belt below of the sculpted penis/vagina of the BOW WOW-- UNLESS ACCOMPANIED AND SUPERVISED BY a PARENT.

Rena Small stars as the hermaphrodite dog…..in The Amazing Bow Wow –Produced and copyright Lynda Benglis and Stanton Kaye: Circa 1976.  Rena designed, and performed in the fitted costume and paws; sculpted in her dorm room at Cal Arts in the summer of 1975. This re-mastered DVD is an historic example of video art…. 30 minute ¾ inch color video will screen along with Rena Small’s landmark works of  conceptual/perceptual paintings and photographic collage never seen before….

SNEAK Preview of two out of three works by Small also on exhibit: “Race Card” 2007 you will have to see it to believe it; “Crooked ten of hearts” and “Nobody Won Tick Tack Toe” in reaction to the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001


Photos: Lynda Benglis and Rena Small as Bow-Wow wear Chastity Belt Fashion for Public Opening Performance at the New Orleans Museum of Art opening of “Five from Louisiana: Rauschenberg, Sonnier, Girard, Lantry and Benglis” 1976 January Photo above: New Orleans Hotel Room getting read: SX-70 Polaroid 1977

The Amazing Bow Wow is distributed by Artists Video Data Bank and EAI in NYC: The internal heat generated while performing in my heavy costume physically motivated me to air out and perform alone, nude from the back and was the first woman photographer, artist, model to photograph herself alone, with an SX-70 Polaroid Land Camera in art history:  Reference:
Self-Polaroid’s George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography “Night Series: 1976” remains in the permanent collection in Rochester, NY. From 1976-1989 Small intends to sell her body in a future book titled BODY OF WORK by Rena Small ready for a publisher.  Rating: PG

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